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  • E-Safety Day February 8th 2017
    On Wednesday the 8th of February we celebrated E-Safety day, with some fantastic activities and projects and at the end of the day pupils had the opportunity to celebrate their work in our special e-Safety assembly.
  • ESOL Lessons
    ESOL Lessons for parents take place on Tuesday mornings in the Community Room.
  • EYFS After School Rugby for Tots and Parents.
    Parent and Tots Rugby is held after school on Wednesdays with Bolton Rugby Club.
  • Celebrating Pikes Lane - Diversity
    Here at Pikes Lane, we are incredibly proud to welcome children from all over the world. At the last count, we had 32 different languages spoken as a first language by our parents and children.
  • Cartoon Animation with NWGT
    Thirty pupils from various schools joined us here with Animator Paul Pickford to learn from his expertise and they designed some fabulous cartoons and animation.
  • Bake off at Pikes Lane!
    Excellent staff, parents and students at Pikes Lane host Bake-Off in order to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care following our Outstanding report!
  • WOW Day!
    On Wednesday 18th May, Pikes Lane had an exciting reading and writing wow day!
  • PCSO
    Friends of Pikes Lane held a meeting on Thursday 12th May with parents and a local police officer - Steve Woodcock.
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