Pikes Lane Governing Body is made up as follows:

Name                                                                    Appoint Date                         End Date                Term/Office


Chair of Governors:  Mrs Ruth Speak                   01/09/2019                           31/08/2023             4 years             

Vice Chair of Governors:  Mr Mike Doyle             01/09/2019                           31/08/2023             4 years


Headteacher:  Ms Jo Lindon                                01/06/2019                           31/05/2023             4 years                                   

 Staff Governor:  Miss Katie Hilton                        01/09/2018                          31/08/2022             4 years


Parent Governor:  Mrs Anisa Vasanwala               25/09/2017                           25/09/2021             4 years


Parent Governor:  Mrs Salma Atcha                      28/11/2017                          27/11/2021             4 years


Parent Governor:  Mrs Munmun Azad                   25/09/2017                           25/09/2021            4 years


Co-opted Governor:  Mrs Joyce Potter                 01/09/2019                            31/08/2023            4 years


Co-opted Governor:  Mr Abdi Abdullahi                01/09/2019                           31/08/2023             4 years 


Co-opted Governor:  Mrs Jennifer Walker            01/09/2019                           31/08/2023              4 years


Co-opted Governor:  Mrs Safiyah Ikharya            01/09/2019                           31/08/2023              4 years


Co-opted Governor:  Vacancy (SP)


Co-opted Governor:  Vacancy  (AJ)                



All Governors have completed a Register of Business Interest and school can confirm that there are no business or pecuniary interests declared by any Governor. 

All our Governors have no responsibilities at any other Educational Institutions.  None of our Governors have any material interests arising from any close family members.

All Governors have completed a Governing Board Code of Conduct Acceptance Form.