Admissions Policy

Pikes Lane Primary School Admissions Policy can be downloaded form here...




The Governors of Pikes Lane Primary wish to balance the number of children in each class with the number of children to make the school financially viable. It is the aim of the governing board to keep the class sizes as small as possible.


Class Sizes

  1. The school will operate within its capacity of sixty places in each year group for years reception - 2. This conforms to government legislation that no infant class size must exceed 30, with the exception of overcrowding to accommodate LAC pupils as directed by LA.


  1. The school will operate as close to its capacity of sixty places in year groups 3 – 6 in order to best meet the needs of all children.


  1. Our two year old provision; Pikes Lane Pre-school provision has eight morning and eight afternoon places, as there is sufficient floor space for this number. We will not exceed eight with the current floor space. Our ratio is 1:4 for children to enter in the term after their second birthday.


  1. Our nursery provision is for children from the term after their third birthday. This is for the universal offer of 15 hours, we currently do not offer 30 hours funded places due to capacity.


Guidelines for admissions for Early Year Provision; Pre-school and Nursery.


Pre-school – Two Year Olds

The priority is for funded families according to the DFE’s eligibility criteria. Eligibility is based on families getting one of the following;

  • Income Support
  • Income based job seeker’s allowance
  • Support through part 6 of the immigration and asylum act
  • The guaranteed entitlement for state pension credit
  • Child tax credit (but not working tax credit) and an annual income not over £16 190
  • The working tax credit 4 week run on (the payment you get when you stop qualifying for working tax credit)


Children looked after by the local council are also entitled to a place.


Proof of this entitlement must be taken to a local children’s centre, ie Alexandra Children’s Centre, who will provide a letter to bring in to the school office. You must bring this form along with our child’s birth certificate to the school office. Where we are not full, a small number of charged places may be opened to other families interested in provision.


These are allocated according to both criteria below:

  • Sibling link and
  • Age of child, oldest first according to term of birth.
  • No children will be taken into Pre-school until the term after they have turned two.



Nursery - Three year olds 15 hours

At Pikes Lane, we deliver on the DfE’s policy of providing 15 hours funded childcare.  


These are allocated according to both criteria below:

  • Sibling link and
  • Age of child, oldest first according to term of birth.


No children will be taken into the Nursery until the term after they have turned three.  However children may be taken in the nursery who turn three within the first term i.e. September to January if places are still available and have not been filled with children who were three at the start of the term.



Pupil Numbers

We will continue to operate the same statutory ratio of 1:13 for all of our sessions. Current session capacity 30 places for morning and 30 afternoon session.  Our staffing ratio is currently 1:10 - 3 members of staff for 30 children in the morning and afternoon.


Admission criteria

Where applications for places exceed our admission numbers, the following criteria will be applied in order;

  • Statutory eligibility
  • Children with a statement of special need
  • Foster children
  • Current pupils eligible for the next academic term
  • Sibling Link
  • Child attended Pikes Lane Pre-school
  • Actual DOB
  • Distance from school


Guidelines for Admission Reception – Year 6

Admissions for reception are dealt with through Pupil and Student Services through the local authority and applications cannot be made directly through the school.  Student services can be contacted on 01204 332143 The school will accept children into Reception class based on the following criteria.




From the names held on the waiting list;

  1. Looked After Children or Children who have siblings in school will be offered a place in the reception class or throughout the school.
  2. Any children who have a medical reason for attending Pikes Lane rather than any other school will be offered a place.
  3. Any spare capacity when these criteria have been applied will be filled by children who are in the closest proximity to school.


To apply for a school place please follow the link below for the application process:


The selection process will take place in the spring term of the academic year preceding the September admission date.


Any children who have not been admitted to the school will be informed as soon as possible to enable them to find an alternative place at another school.


Pikes Lane is unable to accept any children which will take the reception class and Key Stage 1 class size over thirty.


In other classes, once the admission limit has been reached, the Headteacher

will refuse any further children based on providing the best educational experience for the children currently attending the school. This is based on classroom size, teaching capacity and resources available.  We also consider the individual context of each class involved.


If parents are not satisfied with this decision, they have the right to appeal to the independent schools admission panel who will listen to the case of the parent and school and decide where the child should be placed.


For application forms for our Early Years provision, please contact the school office on 01204 333633