Lunch Arrangements


The school kitchen has a cafeteria menu, which will give your child the opportunity to choose from the two excellent choices of main meal and pudding every day, there is something to suit all tastes and we try to encourage our children to eat healthily so there is always salad on offer as well as fruit as an option for pudding. The menu changes each day, to provide a varied and balanced diet.


*nb All meat dishes are prepared with Halal meat.


If you pay for your child's meals, please make sure the dinner money is paid on a Monday morning in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and class written on. Your child needs to hand the sealed envelope to their class teacher who will forward it to the office. The price of school meals will be notified to you at regular intervals. It would be very helpful if you could provide the correct change.


We are not allowed to serve meals to children whose free meal forms have expired or who have not paid for their meal. In these cases the children will have to go home.


Any parents who are eligible should claim Free School Meals for their children and be aware that they must be in receipt of either Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance and that these are the only benefits linked to Free School Meals.  Children are allowed to change their lunch arrangements at the end of each half term but must not change at any other time. Children who eat a cooked meal at lunchtime perform better in school than children who eat a packed lunch.

Children who go home to dinner should report to the school office at 12.00 p.m. prior to leaving the building and again at 12.55 pm to confirm their return. 


Alternatively, children may bring to school a packed lunch which they can eat in the dining room. Please ensure the packed lunch is a balanced meal with a sandwich and fruit.  See the poster below.