School Attendance 

 Attendance Matters!

Pikes Lane School wants to ensure that every child get the very best education, this can only be achieved if children attend school every day. Children have the right to an education.

Parents and carers have the responsibility of ensuring their children are on a school roll and attending regularly. 

                                                     Start Time                                                   

Children are expected to be at school for 8.40am and ready in class by 8.50am. The register is taken at 8.50am. After this time, children must come in the main entrance and sign their name in the office and they will receive a late mark. Please see the attendance Policy for further information in regards to lateness.  


Pupils should come to school every day. A child should only be absent if the reason is ‘unavoidable.’ This means illness or medical issues. The school will count these as authorised absences.

You must call the school office every day that your child is absent.  Please do not rely on siblings or family friends to pass messages on.  

Particularly in EYFS and Key Stage 1, some children are off school for a minor reason, such as slight cold or a cough. Please bring your child to school. If your child is very poorly, we will send them home. There have been many occasions when one child is poorly therefore siblings are also absent. This is unacceptable and parents are reminded they have a duty of care to bring their children to school.

If we do not hear from you, we will text you. In some cases we will telephone and if there is a welfare or safeguarding concern, a home visit may be conducted. 

If we still do not have an unavoidable explanation, the absence will be unauthorised.

The school will not authorise an absence if the reason is avoidable, such as the child is visiting the passport office, acting as an interpreter, going shopping or visiting family.

If your child is persistently absent through illness, we will be able to arrange an appointment with the school nursing team.

If your child has a number of unauthorised absences, the Early Intervention officer will become involved and a penalty notice will be imposed. 


What can you do to help?

What are we doing to help?

Always telephone school if your child is absent.

Certificates and a gift are given to children with 100% attendance for the year.

Be quite firm with your child. You will know if they are very ill!


We have opened a breakfast club at school so that children can come to school early and enjoy multi activities and a healthy breakfast.

Try to ensure medical appointments are after school or in the 13 weeks holidays as much as you can.

We have attendance trophy which is given to the class with the highest attendance each week. Beat The Bell trophy is given to the most punctual class each week.  The winning classes get extra playtime as a reward.

Take holidays in the 13 weeks holidays that you already have!


If a child has 100% attendance for a term, they will receive a 100% attendance badge. We have some new badges which the children can keep and wear on their uniforms.

One day absence every two weeks will reduce your child’s attendance to 90%; therefore missing 10% of their education. Please remember, attendance has a direct impact upon attainment.

Holidays in term time

As per Government Guidelines, school no longer authorises any holidays within term time and a fine will be issued after 5 days unathorised absence. Children who are absent for 20 consecutive days will be taken off roll and will have to re-apply for a place.

Attendance Documents

 Attendance Policy

Attendance Guidance Leaflet

Holidays in Term Time Covering Letter

Holidays in Term Time Intention Form

Term Time Holidays Poster