Additional Resources

At school we have several websites and services that we subscribe to to help pupils with their learning and many companies have kindly started to make their services free to help parents to teach and pupils to learn from home. Here are some of the resources that we recommend and suggestions for age groups. 


Government recommended resources 

BBC Bitesize can be accessed here:

Thousands of free e-books 

(Key Stage 2)

 (3-11 years old) 

(EYFS to Adult)


Free Audio Books 

(EYFS to Parents) 


Parental Engagement Network Resource Packs.

(Key Stage 1 and 2)  


Free premium coding accounts 

(Key Stage 2)


Free PSHE 'Rock Kids' live concert 

(Key Stage 2)


Virtual Zoo Trips 

(Key Stage 1 and 2)


Virtual Museum and Art Gallery Tour   

(Key Stage 1 and 2)


Home Learning Resources List for Schools and Families  

(Key Stage 1 and 2) 


Looking to buy recommended resources or books from Amazon?,10S5L,7H3SLR,3VT8O,1 

(Key Stage 1 and 2) 


Free Parent and Pupil Packs - 2 weeks worth of learning in Maths, English, STEM and Cross-Curricular 

(Year 1 to Early Secondary)


The Maths Factor FREE for everyone (usually about £2 per week)


White Rose Maths - Maths Lessons and BBC education links.



Maths Practice    

 (Key Stage 1 and 2) 


Home School Maths Package (available to everyone for 25 weeks with email sign up) 

 (EYFS-Year 7 and Resources to help parents.)


National Geographic Kids

(Key Stage 1 and 2)  



EYFS to KS3 


Contest for public health campaign 


Learning English


Learning English Games


World Books in Different Languages


Health and Wellbeing: The art of being brilliant